Fenris was having the best dream he’d ever had in all his long centuries. In it, an absolutely gorgeous redhead came to his cave, pulled the sword from his jaws and declared
himself Fen’s mate. His accent was strange, but Fen was used to adapting quickly. It hadn’t taken him long to figure out that he spoke to Tyr with trust and affection. That he
seemed to trust Tyr was something Fen would have to work on.

Tyr was the last man Fen would ever trust. The bastard would surely betray Fen’s mate.

But the man, the beautiful man, had smelled so damn good Fen had allowed Jeff to lead him from his prison. He still hadn’t figured out how Jeff had managed to get Gleipnr to
free its enchanted hold on him, but in the end it didn’t matter. Fenris was free, and he had his mate by his side.

Except he didn’t.

Fenris opened his eyes and stared into the strange, dimly lit room. He lifted his head cautiously, sniffing for the warm, cinnamon scent of his mate. He let out a low growl when
he realized he’d been in the bed alone for hours on end. Fen crawled out of the bedding and glided through the doorway. It would take him a while to remember all of the strange
names for the rooms in this dwelling, but Fen knew it would be worth it. If this was how his mate wished to live, then Fen would see to it that they remained here for however long
Jeff wished.

He followed the scent of his mate to the leather sofa, growling when he found the man curled up there. This wouldn’t do. Not at all. Fen’s mate belonged with Fen, not lying on
cold leather under a worn blanket. Fen would pull down the sky for this man’s blanket, would kill the sun herself if he got too hot. So why did he continue to lie out here every

Fen bent down and smelled something familiar on his mate’s breath. It had been a long time since he’d tasted akevitt. He was delighted his mate had it hidden somewhere in his
dwelling. He’d have to tease the location out of him later.

Fen picked Jeff up and carried him into the “bedroom”, careful not to wake him. Whatever had driven him to drink, Fen would see it resolved. He’d not have his mate be
disturbed like this.

Jeff twitched as Fen placed him on the bed, muttering incoherently as Fen carefully undressed him.

Jeg er din forlovede.

Fen smiled at the slurred, barely audible words. “
Ja. Jeg er din forlovede.” At least he acknowledges our mating when he dreams. He curled around his sleeping mate, warming
him with his body heat. Jeff felt so small against him, so cold. He’d warm his little mate, keep him safe from everything the world had thrown at him. Neither Grimm nor Frigg
nor any enchanted weapon would harm a hair on his little redhead.

This man needed Fen, and Fen would do his best to provide whatever he desired for the rest of their lives.

Fen buried his nose in his mate’s hair and, with that spicy-sweet scent in his nostrils, fell back into a contented sleep.

Jeff smiled, warm and comfortable in the cocoon of his lover’s arms. Soft kisses rained down on his neck. The whiskers of his lover’s chin sending shivers down his spine as they
scraped across his skin. “Mmm.”

His neck was licked. “
Du kan smake godt.

Jeff froze as he realized just who was sleeping in his bed. “What the hell does that mean?”

His neck was licked again. “Mmm. You taste good.”

He tried not to shiver, but damn. Fenris had figured out one of his hot spots without even trying. “Why am I not on the sofa?”

“You were cold.”

He glared over his shoulder at Fenris. “I’m pretty sure I had a nice, comfy blanket over me.”

Fenris shrugged. “Then I was cold.”

“You had my comforter.”

“But I did not have your comfort.”

Jeff grabbed his head. “Ow. Oh, ow.”


The panic in Fenris’s voice almost made him feel bad. “That joke. It hurt so badly.”

Fenris rolled his eyes and dug his fingers into Jeff’s sides, tickling him.

Jeff bucked, desperate to get away from the man who’d just found his second biggest weakness, and fell off the bed with a thump. “Ow.” Now his head and his ass hurt, not to
mention his pride.

“Are you all right?”

Yup. The big bastard was laughing at him. “You know, paybacks are a bitch.”

“Paybacks. What are those?”

Fenris wasn’t laughing any more. If he didn’t know better, Jeff would swear he looked jealous. “You know, payback. You got me, now I have to get you.”

The wolf’s expression turned heated. “Hmm. Perhaps payback isn’t such a bad thing after all.”

“All righty then.” Jeff hopped up. “Coffee sounds good.” He grabbed his jeans… when had his jeans come off? He could have sworn he went to bed—er, sofa— fully dressed. He
felt up his naked chest. Looking down, he realized his t-shirt had been under his jeans. He must have been really out of it for Fenris to get him practically naked without Jeff
feeling it. He stared at Fenris, trying to ignore how absolutely hot the man looked all tousled from sleep and covered in Jeff’s sheets. “Boundaries. I has them.” Fenris tilted his
head. “This!” Jeff shook his jeans at him. “Getting me mostly naked without permission is not cool.”

“You are hot?”

“I would like to think so,” Jeff muttered. “Look. This is not about my cuteness. This is about my lack of clothes and your lack of permission, mister.”

“I have all the permission I need, mate.” Fenris lifted the covers and somehow managed to stalk out of bed. He, of course, was completely naked.

Yum. Jeff forced himself not to look.
Bad libido! Bad! No cookie for you!

Jeff managed not to eye the impressive package making its way towards him. He kept his gaze firmly on Fenris’s, um, eyes. “I don’t recall saying why yes, Fenris, take it off. Take
it all off.”

Fenris grinned. “First, you may call me Fen. Second, I believe you just did.” Fenris reached for him.

Jeff, panicking, held out his hand. “Stay!”

Fenris started to laugh, but his hands dropped away from Jeff’s waist. “That only works on dogs.”

Jeff kept his hand right where it was. Fen hadn’t moved any closer. That was good enough for Jeff. “So telling you you’re barking up the wrong tree would be a total waste of

Fen’s laughter rang out, those amazing eyes of his glowing with happiness. Or was that hunger? Jeff noticed how amazingly pointy his teeth had become and had the urge to cover
his neck. “I like you, mate.”

“Jeff. Mr. Grimm if you’re nasty.” Jeff tugged on his jeans while Fenris dealt with his laughing fit. “Breakfast. Parental visit. Finding Grimm and kicking his ass.”

“An interesting list of things to do, but I have one to add.”

“What’s that?” He tugged the shirt over his head. Being even partially undressed around this guy was just asking for it. When his head was free he was startled to see how close
Fen was. Their chests were almost touching.

Fen leaned down and whispered in Jeff’s ear.

Jeff felt his face flame at the absolutely filthy things Fen was whispering to him. He was pretty sure some of them weren’t anatomically possible, but fuck all if they didn’t have
his dick twitching. “Uh.”

Fen looked deliciously wicked as he pulled back. “Where does that go on your list?”

He opened his mouth to respond just as a knock sounded on the front door. “Gktch.”

Fen chuckled and tugged on the sweat pants they’d picked up for him. “Someone wishes entry.”

It wasn’t until Fen turned him and gently pushed him out of the bedroom that his body, if not his brain, finally kicked in. His brain was still firmly down Fen’s pants.

"Basically this story made me snort-laugh out loud, cry and has me chomping at the bit for the next installment, which in my world are the components of a good story!"
Recommended Read,
Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"I loved Fen’s determination and Jeff’s fiery comebacks in Howl For Me. The family involvements had me laughing, bringing to mind the song, I’m my own grandpa. Great
characters, each and every one of them kept Howl For Me hopping."
Five Hearts, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
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