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Maggie's Grove Glossary

Dragon: A long-lived creature, nearly immortal, the Prince of Dragons has made his home in Maggie's Grove. Dragons breathe fire and turn into the large, scaly beasts of European legend. As Dragons are also men, they come good, bad and everything in-between. Dragon's scales are along the cooler colors in the spectrum, like purple, blue and jade. A red dragon is one who has taken the Kiss and become a vampire. This is anathema, as they believe a red dragon will be consumed by his hunger and decimate his clutch. All red dragons are exiled from their homes. Dragomir Ibanescu, mayor of Maggie's Grove, is a red dragon. His brother, Vasili, is now Prince and has accepted him back into the clutch. 


Djinn: A creature of fire and shadow, a Djinn can use shadows to teleport from place to place and manipulate fire almost as well as a fire elemental. Most choose to live quiet lives, but some adore causing mischief.

Dryad: A creature born of a tree, dryads have a strong affinity with the element of Earth and hold sway over the creatures that live within the forest. The forest is ruled by the Queen of the Forest, a dryad connected to the Great Oak (Mina Chainey). Her co-rulers are Ash (Ashton Ward), Birch (Greer Berkley) and Yew (Iva Yamauchi).


Elemental: Elementals are people tied to one specific element. Like the dryads, they too each have a ruler. Elementals may use that element in magical ways, manipulating it to their own ends. There are four different elementals:
     Fire has power over heat and flame. They can both douse and set blazes. The stronger the elemental, the larger blaze can be

     contained. Molly Ferguson is leader of the fire elementals. 
     Air can fly, and has the ability to call up small whirlwinds or suck the air out of a room. Zander Vasilakis is the leader of the air

     Earth has power over rock and soil. They are the physically strongest of the elementals, and the most resistant to damage. Ian

     "Rock" Rockford is the ruler of the earth elementals.
     Water can manipulate liquids, both running and within the air. Sometimes the elemental is strong enough to manipulate the

     water within living creatures. Frisco McCoy leads the water elementals.

Ghost: Ghosts in Maggie's Grove have their own culture and homes, often living with mediums or people who they loved in life. Ghosts can see into the spirit realm as easily as they do the human one, and can pass through most magical wards undetected unless those wards are set to stop spirits. Ghosts rarely mean harm; those that do are called demons, shadowmen or other such names and are dealt with swiftly by the Maggie's Grove witches.

Psychic: Psychics (also called psis, pronounced "sahys") are men and women who have the ability to use their minds to affect the world around them. For instance, a telepath can speak into the minds of others, while a medium can speak to ghosts, who otherwise have a hard time communicating. Psychometrists can feel emotions or see past events while touching objects, precognitives can see the future, postcognitives can see the past, etc. The majority of Renfields are made up of psychics.


Rakshasa: Rakshasas are shapechangers, both good and evil. They are powerful warriors, and can assume both human and a humanoid, tigerish form. They are often employed as bounty hunters in the supernatural world.


Renfield: Being a Renfield in Maggie's Grove is an honorable profession, especially because the mayor of Maggie's Grove is a vampire, and has been since the founding. They are trained in how to take care of the needs of the town's vampires, and are often both assigned by and paid for by the town council. They assist in keeping a vampire's beast in check through certain rituals they learn early in their training.


Sotiei: The blood wife of a vampire, they must be bitten three times during sex to cement the bond. Once done, the vampire will want to drink only from their sotiei.


Shadowman/Shadow Demon: A type of demonic entity that exists partially in the real world and partially in the spirit realm. A shadowman appears as a tall, thin shadow of a man, with glowing red eyes. It feeds off of fear and can seep the magic out of a witch. Witchdoctors are especially vulnerable to their attacks.


Unicorn: Hunted for the healing properties of their horns, the unicorns, alicorns and pegasi are believed to be extinct. However, at least one remains and lives in hiding in Maggie's Grove.


Vampire: A creature of the night, vampires share their body with something they call "the beast". This beast is strongly territorial, and will fight anyone who comes near their sotiei. A Renfield can calm a vampire's beast through specific rites. Vampires can turn into mist, fly, and drink blood. They blister and burn in the sun.


Werewolf: A person who turns into a wolf, they live in a pack structure led by an alpha. The alpha of Maggie's Grove is Noah Wulfenbach, who is also the alpha of the United States, called the Prime Alpha.


Witch: Witches are magic users whose abilities are tied to the earth (with one exception). There are four different varieties of witch:

     White: White witches live strictly by the law of "An it harm none, do what ye will." A white witch will do nothing to incur the    

     wrath of Karma, believing that they must send out into the world exactly what they wish to receive. A white witch will never

     initiate a fight, though they are allowed to defend themselves.

     Gray: Gray witches are a little looser in their definition of harm. Far more selfish than white witches, they will rarely do

     something unless there is benefit to them. A gray witch straddles the line between white and black. They will not initiate a fight

     unless cornered, stating the rule of the white witches keeps them from doing severe harm.
     Black: Black witches are the most aggressive of the bunch, and have a far greater number of evil members than the gray. Black

     witches are often the warriors and defenders of a coven (a group of witches ruled by a coven leader). They understand that Karma

     will give them exactly what they deserve, but for some, they feel the risk is worth it.
     Witchdoctor: The Witchdoctor is the rarest of all witches. Unlike the white, gray or black witches, Witchdoctors are tied to the

     spiritual plane, and almost always follow the path of the white witches. They have unusual healing powers. Maggie's Grove has

     only one Witchdoctor.

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