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Heart's Desire

(Please NOTE: This series is complete.)

Book 1

Chris and Lana

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Novel

eBook ISBN: 978-1-946966-17-9

Print ISBN: 978-1-984955-63-0

Strike a match, light the candle…and fall into the spell.


Christopher Beckett is tired of being alone. His wolf is howling for his mate, and Chris knows it is only a matter of time before his needs override everything else in his life, so he decides to cast the spell all the Becketts have used to call their mates to them.

What he wants is a woman of an older lineage, of power to equal his own. And she has to accept the one aspect that sets him apart from almost every other wizard: his wolf. What he gets is Alannah Evans, a powerful witch of the Evans Coven. 

Lana has no problems with the wolf—she does have a problem with the fact that Chris is a wizard. Wizards and witches traditionally don’t get along very well but the sparks flying between them can’t be denied. 

When it becomes clear that an old enemy has targeted them both Chris winds up engaging his enemy in a duel that could cost him his life.

Book 2

Zach and Jo

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Novel

eBook ISBN: 978-1-946966-08-7

Print ISBN: 978-1-984959-44-7

Someone’s hot for teacher.

Zachary Beckett has been a screw-up most of his life, but he's finally done something right. He saved his brother's life at great personal cost, and now he's on his way to Cleveland to train as a witch. There’s only one problem: he screws up so badly he’s banished…to a class filled with ten year olds. Judgmental ten year olds.

There he meets Johra Yashodar, the teacher of those ten year olds. It isn't long before Zach realizes he's seriously hot for teacher, but all she sees is a monumental screw-up.

Jo has never met a Karma bomb like Zachary Beckett before. He's the worst witch she's ever met, but Jo is determined to help him. To do that she'll fight the attraction she feels towards him tooth and nail. 

Zach heads home, determined to prove he can be the witch he’s always wanted to be. There he casts the Beckett mating spell, and who answers the call? None other than Jo. Zach is terrified he’s cast a love spell, but bigger problems arise than Zach’s love life. Between hexes, old enemies, and meddling brothers, it’s up to Zach and Jo to save each other from a fate worse than death.

Book 3

Gareth and Gen

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Novel

eBook ISBN: 978-1-946966-22-3

Print ISBN: 978-1-984988-32-4

She’s the queen of his soul.

Gareth Beckett has to take his place as the king of the wizards in three days. There's only one problem. The woman who stole his heart, the one he wants as his queen, is missing. He casts the Beckett mate spell, hoping with everything in him that it will call Gen home. Gen is a Warlock Own. Not everyone will be thrilled to have a warlock as the Wizard Queen, but she’s the only one he’ll accept. He’ll be damned if the court has a say in who he loves on at night.

Genevieve Godwin is the daughter of the Beckett's most hated enemy. She's sworn to hunt down her brothers and end their evil before it can harm the man she loves, but a vision from her Goddess sends her running back to Gareth. She tries to explain the danger he’s in, but finds herself pinned on the sofa by one irate werewolf demanding to know where she’s been.

Unfortunately, being the king isn't quite what it's cracked up to be. Between scheming courtiers, the threat of the Godwin brothers and Gen's insistence that she be allowed to continue her work as one of Hecate's Own, Gareth is about to lose his damn mind.

When the king decides to put an end to the threat against his mate, the rest of the magical world will sit up and take notice—and if they don’t he’ll make them wish they had.

Book 4

Daniel and Kerry

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: Novel

eBook ISBN: 978-1-946966-21-6

Print ISBN: 978-1-984990-60-0

The last Beckett brother is going down.


Daniel Beckett‘s wolf already know who their mate will be: the wilfull, stubborn, beautiful Kerry Andrews. He's only held off on casting the mate spell over fear of the dangers lurking in every warlock-filled shadow. 

But his brothers are insistent. It's time, and all Daniel can hope for is that Kerry will allow him to protect her.

Kerry has been waiting patiently for Daniel to cast the mate spell, but the moment he does things start to go horribly wrong. A sleeper hex has been activated, and her life is in danger. So she does the only thing she can think of to save herself, running to Daniel's waiting arms.

Once the hex is removed Kerry finds a whole new world to explore with her magical mate. But Arthur Godwin is lurking in the background, ready to rip away their newfound happiness. Women are turning up dead...blond women who look just like Kerry.

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