Works in Progress (aka WIP)

Please note: All titles on this page are subject to change, either by author whim or publishing house request.
Titles are not final until the book is ready to be published.

Series are listed in alphabetical order. Any series not listed is complete.

The Gray Court:
Electric Dreams
Book 7
Liam and Melissa
(A gleam in my eye...) 0 / 70000 (0%)

Halle Shifters:
Hope in Darkness
Book 6
Jamie and Hope

(Current WIP) 10202/ 70000 (14.57%)

Maggie's Grove:
The Bunnies are Coming! (Name WILL Change!!)
Book 6
Carter and Alina

(ON HOLD) 3340 / 80000 (4.17%)

The Nephilim:
My Soul to Keep
Book 4
Piotr and Andrea

(A gleam in my eye...) 0 / 80000 (0%)

New York Coyotes:
Beauty and His Beast
Book 1
Nathan and Bernadette
(A gleam in my eye...) 0/80000 (0%)


Sedona Shifters

Kith and Kin

Book 1

Kincade and Ellie

(A gleam in my eye...) 0/80000 (0%)


Terra Noctum


Book 2

Ian and Rose

0 / 70000

True Destiny
Serpent's Tears
Book 7
Ryker and Kye

(A gleam in my eye...) 0/ 45000 (0%)