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Heart's Desire Glossary

God's Own: Without a specific god named, most God's Own follow the aspect of Him that suits them best. Herne and Cernunnos, gods of the hunt, are the most common aspects called upon, as the God's Own hunt their enemies with a stealthy ruthlessness that stuns those who know them. Their gifts are slightly different from Hecate's Own, and are often based on the aspect they are born to follow.

Hecate's Own: Chosen by the Goddess, these magic users have powers beyond the norm. Their very power, however, can make them appear weak or clumsy to those who do not understand what they are dealing with. Most Hecate's Own hunt rogue magic users. It is said that the God also has His Own, but they are few and far between.

Hex: A spell specifically cast to do harm, it is usually cast by warlocks. One famous hex, however, has created the unique circumstances of the Beckett family: lycanthropy.


Scrying: Any method that allows you to view the past, the present or the future. Bowls of water, blackened mirrors and crystal balls are the normal method, along with spells to guard the person scrying from outside interference.


Spell: A spell is a tool by which a magic user focuses his will on the world. It can alter reality, such as turning a living room purple, or be a simple illusion.


Warlock: A magic user whose power comes from an outside force rather than from within. Most warlocks wind up seduced by demons while still children, but some resist the demonic influence and choose other paths. A warlock can choose an elemental focus, a divine focus, or even another magic user.


Witch: A magic user who focuses her power in short bursts, they are powerful for short periods of time but lose focus as their power drains from them. Witches are instinctive spell casters, using what "feels right" rather than what conventional wisdom might dictate. Witches and wizards do not always get along.


Wizard: A magic user who uses rituals and symbolism to cast spells, they are less powerful than witches if unprepared but more so if they have time to set up their spells. Wizards will use magic items far more than any of the others, as they'll embed the spell in the item, using small bursts of magic to trigger the spell. The unruly way witches cast spells can drive a wizard to distraction.

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