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The Gray Court Glossary

Boggart: A household spirit who causes mischief, they are the source of poltergeist rumors among mortals.

A boggart without it's human Seeming is a small brown man with tattered clothing and a permanent sneer.

Brownie: A helpful household spirit, they often act as maids, butlers and footmen to the rich, or concierges in hotels. They have the ability to travel through the earth, the better to conduct their business without prying eyes.
When not wearing its Seeming, a brownie looks much like JRR Tolkien's Hobbits do.

Courts: Once there was only one court of the Fae, but the High King and his Queen fought and broke the court into three pieces: The White, led now by Queen Gloriana; the Black, lead by Queen Titannia; and the Gray, led by the High King Oberon. The Gray is above the others, the High King's word law, but it remains neutral in the day to day running of both the Black and the White.


Djinn: A race of magical beings with mystical powers, the Djinn are said to live in shadows. Actually, they prefer condos and townhouses like normal people. If you do a favor for a Djinn, they are honor bound to repay it, but not always in the way you wish for. Their power over shadows and fire are considered among the most sophisticated of the fae.
When not wearing its Seeming, a Djinn appears to flicker with an inner fire, as if it danced just under their skin.


Dryad: Creatures tied to trees and earth, dryads are quick as a falling leaf and slow as the change of seasons. They are hard to pin down, and are rarely seen outside of their grove. They cannot move far from their trees.
When not wearing their Seeming, dryads have green hair and brown skin, and have leaves growing in random places.


Dragon: Dragons are creatures that shapeshift much like the myth of the werewolf. Contrary to popular belief, a five foot tall woman will make a five foot tall dragon, with a wing span three times her size.
They have a middle form that they use when interacting with the Courts that looks vaguely demonic: horns and wings with a skin color that reflects the color they are as a dragon.


Each Uisge: The water horse is a truly vile creature who lives in watery bogs (like their cousin the Kelpie). Both creatures will drown their victim and eat the remains, often leaving behind the liver, because liver is nasty.
Called a water horse for a reason, without it's Seeming the Each Uisge is half-horse, half-man, with sharp, carnivorous teeth.


Fae: The generic term for the unusual creatures who make up the Courts, it is often used in conversation when discussing various races attending the same function.


Fairy: Fairies, aka Pixies, are among the highest of the White Court fae, as Queen Glorianna herself is one. Fairies can alter their size, resembling a tiny glowbug, and cast spells that are both helpful and harmful depending on their mood. Their magic is intimately entwined with their "fairy dust", which does their will. It gives them the ability to fly (hence the belief that fairies have "wings"; these wings are actually made of dust), or to confound an enemy, or cause serious, even fatal, harm.
A fairy without its Seeming glitters with fairy dust and has multicolored eyes that swirl with their emotions. Their lashes appear coated in sparkling dust, as does their hair and skin.


Fear Dearc: The Fear Dearc is a single creature feared by those of both the White and Gray Courts. He is said to have powers similar to Robin Goodfellow's, and a temperament to match. He dresses all in black, and his nickname is The Raven Lord. He is now known as Prince Raven MacSweeney Goodfellow, son of Prince Robin Goodfellow, and is in line for the Gray Throne.
It is said that when he drops his Seeming he takes the form of multiple Ravens: a murder, if you will.

Fomorian: Called "demonic giants" in ancient times, the Fomorians are bringers of plague and disasters. They held Irland before the Tuatha Dè and even defeated them in battle. Their remnants even married into the Tuatha Dè, eventually dying out. The last Fomorian is King Bres, leader of the Redcaps and one-time king of the Tuatha Dè.


Gremlin: Gremlins are a new race of fae that are slowly finding their way in the world. Born during World War II, their purview seems to be the technological toys mortals delight in creating, often enhancing them for their own ends. A gremlin can do a great deal with a computer that a human could only dream of. Oddly enough, for techno geeks, gremlins are remarkably strong creatures and can take on a redcap when so motivated with little trouble. Of course, they will tell you that brains always win over brawn, so perhaps there's something to that.
When a Gremlin drops his Seeming his eyes turn red, data scrolling across them like a computer screen.


Hobgoblin: Hobgoblins seem to be the medium ground between mischievous sprite and helpful spirit. Under the rule of Robin Goodfellow, they act on his command, though few are numbered among his Blades.
Hobgoblins, without their Seeming, appear as small, hairy little men similar in appearance to the brownies. However, their clothing tends to be far more flamboyant, even in their human guises.


Kelpie: A river sprite similar to the Each Uisge, the Kelpie also drowns and eats its victims. A nasty creature of the Black Court and one of Titannia's favorites.
Called a water horse for a reason, without it's Seeming the Kelpie is half-horse, half-man, with sharp, carnivorous teeth.


Knight of Oberon: Knights of Oberon are sworn agents of the Gray Court. Called "Oberon's Blades", or simply Blades, they are under the direct command of Robin Goodfellow, who will often recruit them personally. They are assassins, thieves, hackers, and diplomats. Whatever Oberon deems he needs of his Blades, Robin will train them to be.


Leanan Sidhe: The Leanan Sidhe is the very first vampire, born of an unholy alliance between Queen Titannia and a demon lord. Queen Titannia was transformed by the demon's powers for a terrible price. Unable to bear children, she creates her own via her bite. Thus was born the vampires.
Queen Titannia appears as a pale vampire with blood-red eyes, long dark hair and sharp teeth when not wearing her human Seeming.


Leprechaun: A sprite of the earth, leprechauns are tied to specific pieces of land. On that land, their power is absolute. They can place a hole the size of a pinhead in the earth with enough gravity to suck someone miles into the ground, know what someone is saying a mile away, and move with preternatural speed. Facing an enraged leprechaun on his land is often a death sentence.
A leprechaun without his Seeming appears to have dark whorls on his skin and deep green eyes.


Mermaid: Creatures of the sea, they are tied to salt water and living oceans. Mermaids have their own kingdoms, some tied to the White, some to the Black, and some to the Gray. All owe fealty to Oberon. They are also know by the nickname siren, as their songs can heal or harm as they see fit.
Mermaids in their natural form have the tail of a fish, pearly skin and hair the color of the sea (gray, white, turquoise, green, aqua...)


Nymph: Creatures of fresh water, nymphs live within rivers, lakes and ponds. They will not share space with a kelpie or an each uisge.
Nymphs do not have fish tails, but they do have scales, and their hair is a paler version of their cousin the mermaid's.


Pouka: A shapeshifter capable of taking on any form it desires. They are nimble climbers.
A pouka's true shape includes goat's horns and eyes with keyhole pupils.


Puck: Another name for Robin Goodfellow.


Redcap: A creature of the Black Court, they are the cannon fodder of the Dark Queen's army. Redcaps will appear as large men dressed in black suits, and are often used as muscle or bodyguards for higher ranked fae.
In their natural form, they wear red caps drenched in blood, are stooped and hunched, and carry a weapon of some kind.

Robin Goodfellow: A curious fellow, Robin Goodfellow is said to be the element of chaos made flesh by his enemies and loyal friend by those who have earned his hard-won trust. He is the leader of the Blades and the current heir to the High King after Queen Cassandra. No one knows what species he is, nor will he tell them, deflecting them with a witty comment or an evil smile. His deeds are talked about in hushed whispers even by those who respect him.  


Salamander: A creature of fire, the salamander is much like a large dog. They can be loyal or mean, depending on their training, and often choose someone with strong will to hold their leashes. They will leave a master if they find someone stronger who is willing to bond with them. Their human Seeming is that of large breeds of dog.
Salamanders in their natural form look like lizards made of flame.


Seer: The Seer is the last of her kind. A woman with the ability to see the future, she gives out knowledge impartially, refusing to take sides between the three Courts. She is just as likely to give information to Titannia as Oberon or Gloriana, feeling that it is the best way to survive. She normally appears as a slender Asian woman with long hair wearing a white robe. Even with her Seeming, her irises are star-shaped in the center.
Without her Seeming, the Seer's eyes can go completely gold, indicating she's using her vision.


Selkie: A selkie is a wereseal. Capable of swimming long distances in warm water or cold, they are the gypsies of the water world and are rarely welcome in the rarefied courts of the mermaids.
A Selkie without his Seeming will appear as either a seal or a man with gills and very fuzzy skin.


Seeming: A gift from the Gods after the war that split the Courts apart, the human Seeming allows the fae to navigate the human world with ease. It is law even among the Black Court fae that you wear your human Seeming when in the mortal public no matter what.


Sidhe: Considered the direct descendants of the Tuatha De Danaan, the Sidhe are among the highest ranking fae of the White Court and hold quite a bit of power there. They have the ability to cloud the minds of men with visions that seem so real the recipient can't distinguish between reality and fantasy. This power comes in useful when kidnapping prospective brides (not that Sidhe do that anymore), getting a confession from an enemy, or setting up a rendevous with a lover.
When not wearing their Seeming, a Sidhe's skin seems to be covered in either silver or gold glitter. Their pupils are oval shaped, and sparkles of light dance around them like fireflies.


Sidhe Binding Vow:
I vow that from this day forward you shall not walk alone.
My strength is your protection
My heart is your shelter
And my arms are your home.
I shall serve you in those ways you require
I pledge to you my living and my dying, each equally in your care
Yours is the name I whisper at the close of each day and the eyes into which I smile each morning.
I give you all that is mine to give.
My heart and my soul I pledge to you
You are my Chosen One.
You are my Mate
You are bound to me for eternity.


Sylph: A creature of the air, a sylph has the ability to manipulate gasses. Like the fairies, sylphs can fly, but they need no wings to do so. They can control or create extreme wind when working in concert. They can shrink down in size much like the fairies, or become mist-like.
A Sylph without her seeming appears to be constantly standing in an unfelt breeze.

Tuatha Dè Dannan: The first fae, it is said they came from another world after a terrible war shook theirs apart. King Nuada Silver-Hand led them. Nuada tried to take part of Ireland for for the Tuatha De after they were driven from their home, but in doing so he lost his arm in battle to Sreng, the Fir Bolg’s champion. By Tuatha Dè law as he was no longer "perfect" he could no longer be king. Bres the Fomorian somehow became king instead, and seven years of hell for the Tuatha Dè ensued. Nuada took his throne back by having a silver arm forged for himself, making him whole again, but he only ruled for twenty more years before Bres was trying to take the throne back. Nuada stepped aside in favor of Lugh, who ruled for forty years before being killed himself over an affair one of his wives had with a son of The Dagda. The Dagda became king for eighty years before he was killed by the seeress Cethlenn. His son ruled until he was killed by his own child. The last Tuatha Dè kings were MacCuill, MacCecht and MacGréine, who ruled over Ireland until they, too, died. The last Tuatha De were kicked out by the Milesians, their blood diluting into the Sidhe. By then Oberon was High King with Titannia as his Queen. The last great war between the fae split the court, creating the White, Gray and Black Courts. The only living Tuatha Dè are High King Oberon and Princess Michaela Goodfellow, the wife of Robin Goodfellow.

A Tuatha Dè without their Seeming is a study in silver and gold. Oberon bears silver hair and eyes, while Michaela has silver hair and gold eyes. 


Vampire: Children of Titannia, the vampires are not welcome at all in the White Court, regardless of their intentions. Many remain within the Black, but a courageous few break away from the Dark Queen to join the Gray Court. They live off of blood and have difficulties in sunlight. They can turn to mist to travel for short distances, but it is tiring and requires more blood to keep up. They can fog the minds of their prey and create a bond with their chosen ones that only death can break. They can, however, eat real food, and have all of the standard emotions. Vampires can be created from both mortals and fae.
Without their Seeming, vampires grow talons, have sharp, pointy teeth and glowing red eyes.

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