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True Destiny Glossary

Aesir: The gods who took over from the Vanir, they are most commonly associated with war and power. They fought the Vanir for prominence, and when they won their leader, Odin, took hostage the gods Frey, Frejya and Njord. They are now led by Baldur, as Ragnarok has begun.


The Aesir are:

Odin (aka The Old Man, aka Oliver Grimm) Father of Bragi, Hodr, Baldur, and Thor. The serpent spoken of in the prophecy of Ragnarrok, Odin has betrayed all of the other gods and seeks now to regain his throne from his son, Baldur.

Vili (aka Henry Grimm) Odin's brother. Frigg's lover.

Ve (aka Luther Grimm) Odin's brother. Frigg's lover.

Bragi (aka Bradley Grimm) Odin's son. Husband of Idunn.

Hodr d. (aka Holden Saeter) Odin's son. Known as the Blind God, he was killed in an act of treachery by Vali for the crime of killing Baldur. Currently resides in Helheim. Husband of Hel, he took her name when he married her rather than remain a son of Odin, who had orchestrated his demise. 

Thor d. (aka Fred Grimm) Son of Odin. Father of Magni, Modi, Jeffrey and Jamie. Killed by Odin. 

Ullr d.

Forseti (aka Flynn Tate) Son of Baldur by Nanna. Whereabouts currently unknown

Baldur (aka Kiran Tate-Saeter) Son of Odin. Currently holds the Godspear, making him leader of the gods. Husband of Jordan Grey and Loki.

Frigg (aka Frederica Grimm) Ex-wife of Odin. Lover of Vili and Ve.

Sigyn (aka Sydney Saeter) Ex-wife of Loki. 

Sif (aka Sylvia Grimm) Ex-wife of Thor, now lovers of Slade Saeter and Magnus Grimm

Gna (aka Nadine Grimm) Frigg's Girl Friday.

Sjofn (aka Sonia Grimm) One of Frigg's staunchest supporters.

Magni (aka Magnus Grimm) Son of Thor and twin brother of Modi.

Modi (aka Morgan Grimm) Son of Thor and twin brother of Magni.

Vali (aka Val Grimm) Son of Odin. He is known as The Avenger, and was used by Odin to slay Hodr. Now deeply resents his father and works for Baldur, his brother.

Nanna d. Former wife of Baldur, she killed herself in the belief that both her husband and her sons were dead.

Jeffrey Grimm, son of Thor and the mortal Jeanne Grimm. Twin brother of Jamie Grimm and half-brother of Jordan Grey. Husband of Fenrisulfr.

Jamie Grimm, daughter of Thor and the mortal Jeanne Grimm. Twin sister of Jeffrey Grimm and half-sister of Jordan Grey. Wife of Tyr.


Jotun: A race of so-called "giants", they are closer to elementals in nature, being associated with fire, ice and rock. They interbreed with both the Aesir and the Vanir, creating demigods such as Magni and Modi. The most prominent Jotun in Norse Mythology is Loki, the Trickster God.


The Jotuns are:

Loki (aka Logan Tate-Saeter) Father of Fenrisulfr, Jormungandr, Hel, Sleipnir, Nari (whereabouts currently unknown), and Narfi (d.). Husband of Jordan Grey and Baldur.

Fenrisulfr (aka Fenris Saeter) Son of Loki. Husband of Jeffrey Grimm. Was imprisoned in a damp cave with a sword thrust through his jaws for centuries. It was Jeffrey who saved him.

Sleipnir (aka Slade Saeter) Son of Loki, lover of Sif and Magni. The mythic eight-legged steed of Odin, he was brutally abused by Odin.

Jormungandr (aka Ryker Saeter) Son of Loki. Known as the World Serpent, he lives beneath the waves.

Hel (aka Helen Saeter) Daughter of Loki. Wife of Hodr. Queen of the Underworld.

Nari, Son of Loki by Sigyn. He was cursed to wolf form by Odin and killed his twin Narfi in an insane rage. Whereabouts unknown.

Narfi d., Son of Loki by Sigyn. He was killed by his twin Nari and his entrails used to bind Loki to the mountain.

Rindr d. (aka Rina Sutherland) Mother of Vali. Lover of Odin.

Surtr (aka Strom Sundene) It is foretold that he will kill Frey.

Jarnsaxa d. Mother of Fenrisulfr, Jormungandr and Hel.


Norns: Norns are Jotuns who came forth from Nifleheim to guard and protect the destinies of men, for good or ill. Like guardian angels, they follow a person from life through death, but the three most important norns are the Norns of Fate. The three Norns sit beneath Yggdrasil, tending to its needs before spinning the fates of men.

The three most important Norns are Urdr (the past), Verdandi (the present) and Skuld (the future).


Ragnarrok: The prophecy that declares the destiny of the gods, it is the end of Odin's reign and the beginning of Baldur's. It is supposedly signalled by Baldur's death.


Valkyrie: The Valkyries were women, most likely Jotuns, warrior women who would ride the battlefield, looking for those worthy of Valhalla, and carry them away on their steeds. Sometimes they interfered in the battle, helping one side over the other. They were under the command of Odin, though it is unknown if they still are. One noteable valkyrie is police detective Antonia "Toni" Mancinelli, a human whose valkyrie blood was awakened by contact with Baldur.


Vanir: The Vanir were agricultural gods led by the god Tyr. They lost the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, but Odin integrated the Vanir into the Aesir, creating one set of gods under his command. There are only six Vanir left alive from the war with the Aesir.

The Vanir are:

Tyr (aka Travis Yardley-Rudiger.) Husband of Jamie Grimm.

Heimdall (aka Nikolas de Witt)

Idunn (aka Ida Grimm, wife of Bragi)

Njord (aka Kye Vanderale)

Frey (aka Adam Grey)

Frejya (aka Frieda Grey)

Jordan Grey, daughter of Frey and the mortal Jeanne Grimm. Half-sister of Jeffrey Grimm and Jamie Grimm. Wife of Baldur and Loki.

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